What is a Digital Freight Forwarder

A common feature of digitalization in any industy is the improvement of operations efficiency. The international shipping and logistics industry is not left out of this. Some freight forwarders are now committed to improving customer experience by making shipping processes more straightforward and faster with digital solutions. These are the digital freight forwarders.

Therefore, digital freight forwarders are the logistics industry players that utilize different software to provide innovative tech solutions for shipping and logistics processes. Digital freight forwarder strives to eradicate the challenges common with traditional or manual freight forwarder include delayed quotation, inadequate inventory management, lack of transparency and visibility and other issues.

Digital freight forwarder offers a sophisticated digital platform that streamlines shipping processes and connects the various shipping and logistics parties. Thus, digital freight forwarders connect shippers and carriers instantly and ensure a smooth relationship between both parties. They also connect customers with truck drivers for easy communication. 

Features of Digital Freight Forwarders

1. Instant Online Quotation

Digital freight forwarders are changing the game; gone are the days when you have to wait for up to a week to get a quotation. With online digital platforms offered by digital freight forwarders, you can get a quotation within seconds. 

2. Transparency

Digital freight forwarder also provides shippers 100 per cent transparency in cost and other shipping details. You can now be sure about how your shipping quotation is arrived at.

3. Real-time Tracking

Digital freight forwarders offer each client a personalized shipping portal that lets you have 24/7 visibility of your shipping. This enables you to track your shipping from taking off until it finally arrives at you or your client’s doorstep. You will be duly notified immediately your shipment gets delivered.

4. End to End Quality Communication

To enhance quality customer experience, the digital freight forwarder also facilitates quality round the clock communication with customer support. The support team will address any complaint or query you might have about your shipment

5. Seamless Documentation Handling

Documentation is a major headache for shippers, but digital freight forwarders now make the process easier through automation. Instead of time-consuming paperwork, you can now submit all your documents in their secure cloud. 

6. Forecasting with Analytics

Most digital freight forwarder platform comes with analytics that enables you to use big data to forecast possible market occurrence. With this, you can determine if it is best to ship on a particular week to not.

7. Automated Invoicing through Integrated Financial System

Through automating the auditing of your freight payment and invoicing, you can save a substantial amount of cost. You could be saving up to 15 USD and 50 USD per invoice while ensuring your invoice are accurate.


The recent Covid-19 has made the need to work with digital freight forwarders more important than ever. Now, there is a crucial need for fast and cost-effective shipping from around the world. Digital freight forwarders guarantee shoppers fast, hassle-free shipping from any part of the world.